Answering the phones just like you.
Everyone who works at Answering Solutions for Funeral Service either grew up in the funeral service industry or was trained by someone who did. What does that mean for your business? When we answer your calls, we do it as an extension of your office, not like an answering service.

We understand that one of your greatest challenges is that people believe funeral establishments are available 24 hours per day, every day. When they phone your business and reach a service, they assume they’re speaking with someone in your office. We never give people a reason to doubt that.

Total redundancy technology.
We don’t just have the latest technology, we also have the latest software and firmware available for the industry. That means you’ll get your messages instantly, via text, e-mail, fax, voicemail … whatever works for you.

And just to make absolutely sure that nothing goes wrong, we have full redundancy. Both our data and phone service has back-up. What does that mean to you? We’ve got you covered. Feel that weight lifting off your shoulders?

When you become an Answering Solutions customer, we’ll set you up with Web site access that will allow you to view and listen to messages, 24 hours a day, within moments after they are go into the system.

The first phone call is crucial.
We know that from personal experience that the way your calls are handled is crucial to how your business is perceived. Anyone phoning your business will always believe that whoever answers the phone represents your business. Shouldn’t that caller be treated exactly as you would treat them?

We know what you expect from an answering service. You want your service to be consistent. You want your phone calls handled with courtesy, accuracy and patience. You want people to be just as pleased with that critical first contact as they would be speaking with you personally. You want every call handled with professionalism, caring, tact and empathy.

All it takes is one, poorly trained operator saying the wrong thing to one family and you’ll be spending hours mending fences – with hospice staff, clergy, hospitals, nursing homes and families – because of one careless comment.

Your business hangs on how your phones are handled.
The funeral services industry is unique since so much hangs on how first calls are handled. People making those calls are in their most fragile state. We know that. We know that they need to be helped, guided and understood. It may, in fact, be the single most important phone call made when a loved one dies.

A missed or poorly handled first call can mean more than lost business. It can mean entire families lost forever. We understand that. And our customers know that we do. Just ask them.

It’s not just missed business when calls go unanswered or are poorly handled. It’s your reputation. We know that. We answer your phones with that in mind.

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